If America was a wedding it’d be that magical time; speak now, or forever hold your peace.

From thoughts about the signs in my yard, to a local small business owner launching an attack on my character (and then those who stepped in to defend me) based on a blog post of mine where I called out elected officials for their inaction and down-right rude behavior, I’ve heard plenty about my decision to speak up. Plenty of individuals speak up or have thoughts to share regarding the political climate or elected officials whose decisions impact their lives directly. But there seems to be one critical difference in my decision to speak up –

I own a business.

Up until a year ago, I never posted about my views; never shared what I thought about the political climate. But that all changed following an incident at my business – an incident that exposed just how inconsistent the Minnesota Department of Human Services is when it comes to procedures and licensing reviews; an incident where I ultimately learned first-hand, the depth of control elected officials and the government have over my privately-owned business.

So, I went to our currently elected officials, who all happen to be from the Democratic Party. I set up a Listening Session where over 40 providers attended and where all 3 of them, our Senator and both Representatives heard of our concerns; heard of the harassment by a state agency.

Then, my colleague and I compiled damning public DHS data and used it to prove the inconsistencies and harassing behavior of the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

And finally, I accepted an invitation to attend The Burton Dinner, the Democratic, social event of the year – where I was promptly ignored and sat through over two hours of elected officials and those vying for office bashing those of the conservative line of thought.

I spent thirty days at the Capitol, including a 3-Day/2-Night Stay to testify in various committees, and organizing a walkout into a Senate hearing to call for action – and the Democratic Party did nothing. Nothing.

So, what is a person to do? Stay silent? Quietly try and work behind the scenes?

Done and done – neither of those worked.

So, I decided to take action, become involved and find out where those running for office stood. And I did.

I did my research and vowed to take a stand to defend my business; a decision that risked my business.

If you listen to what Walz and his running mate Flannigan feel about taxes, education, and health care, it all has one common theme – big government.

I’m not in favor of big government. I’m in favor of the government staying out of my private business and focusing on cleaning up the fraud, waste, and abuse filled actions of their agencies who happen to be funded by the tax dollars from my business. Cool, I’m paying for the salaries of those who are harassing me.

So, Mankato native or not – Walz doesn’t have my vote.

Then there’s the recent chain of events regarding Supreme Court Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. As a survivor of sexual assault – and by survivor, I mean gave up the career I dreamt of since childhood because a private school tried to silence me and let my assailant continue to teach in their system – I am in support of investigating allegations of abuse.

What I am not in support of is hypocrisy.  

Investigate the claims against Kavanaugh – I can still to this day remember what shirt and shorts I was wearing, where I was and how I was sexually assaulted; just as my Mother still remembers the look on my face as I came up the stairs following one of the worst and last times it happened when I finally told someone – and hear BOTH sides.

But also investigate Ellison. Look at the hospital records, 911 calls.

But to demand that Kavanaugh be held accountable with no evidence – and give Ellison a free pass with evidence mounting, is complete hypocrisy.

To state that Public Preschool/Early Childhood Education is better than private options when the Office of the Legislative Auditor reports that this claim is unfounded and that the public programs lack accountability – is ignorance.

To claim that Single Payer Health Care or a Minnesota Government Based Option is better than price transparency and addressing big pharma, while rampant fraud was revealed in the MNSure Program – is irresponsible.

Holy hypocrisy Batman.

Should Trump have tweeted that Ford would have come forward right away if the allegations against Kavanaugh were real – Hell no.

Should Ellison go on record saying that he can’t guarantee that there won’t be more “cooked up allegations” against him, when not too long ago he called for Al Franken to step down amidst allegations – Get real dude.  

It all comes down to this:

America is changing, and freedom of speech is becoming more one sided by the day. My business is under attack by the government and there is hard evidence to prove it.

So, I’m taking a stand and I urge you to consider doing so too, regardless of whatever “side of the aisle you’re on”. But don’t stand up and tell Uncle Tommy on the Bride’s side that he can’t have an opinion, while standing on the Groom’s side spewing forth yours.

If America was a wedding it’d be that magical time; speak now, or forever hold your peace.

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