I was standing on the carpet. The numbers 1 through 10 taped down in a row with blue painter’s tape. To my right were four women, each standing on numbers ranging from 5 to 7. [...]

Lessons From the Crash: Lesson 1: “I wish I had worked longer; I was so close to the corner office with the windows” – Said No One on their Deathbed Ever

It’s been one week. People keeping asking me “what does it feel like?” and “how are you?”. I don’t know how to them answer. All I know is what it sounds like. I heard screeching [...]

ABOUT BLOG – This blog is a journal of sorts; a journal of my journey. Many people know me as an Early Childhood Advocate, Owner/Director of a Nature Early Childhood Center, Consultant… yada yada yada. But those chapters are only a part of my story. Those are what people see and if I’m honest with myself, they’re part of my overachieving self that I’ve used to avoid things that are not always so easy or fun. But I’ve learned that it is what has happened along the way, even the paragraphs and chapters of my journey that aren’t perfect, or warm and fuzzy, that have taught me more than I could ever learn in a classroom. So, I’m retiring. I’m retiring from being an Overachiever… It’s a work in progress.
I’ve always firmly believed that we can all learn from each other’s journeys. I invite you to follow along on mine. I can’t promise it will always be “Well with my Soul”. There will be moments where “The Struggle is Real” and some that are just plain “Meh”. Because like it or not, we all have to feel “all of the feels”. My hope is that others will feel empowered to take the plunge and do the purposeful work of retiring themselves as an over-achiever. So here it is, my journey; my Confessions of an Ex-Overachiever… almost.

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