Wondering why there is a double standard? Me too.

A good percentage of this week’s media coverage has been on Kavanaugh’s character. Rightly, so. The Supreme Court is a lifelong appointment. The Me Too Movement has created a space for those who have experienced unwanted advances or sexual assault to come forward; to feel less alone. I will admit that when I turned on the news that morning and saw it – saw the headlines and breaking news highlighting the movement – I was relieved. It was finally going to be safe to talk about it; finally going to be safe to come forward and share stories.

I had a reason to feel this way – a very personal one – I am among those who know all too well what it is like to ask for help in a terrifying situation and be silenced; me too.

I felt torn between my deeply held beliefs that are more conservative, and this movement that seemed at times to be scorned by the political party I usually associate with. It was a lot to process… that is, until the nomination for the Minnesota DFL Attorney General Candidate occurred.

The silence surrounding the allegations against Mr. Ellison is suffocating. I abhor the statement that continues to be thrown around so casually: “If it was true, the victim would have come forward sooner”.

No. We don’t come forward for a reason. There is fear of retaliation; there are feelings of shame. The fear of being looked at differently by friends; especially if there are shared friends between the accused and the accuser.

But I feel like those who stand to gain so much from the Me Too Movement, are being silenced by the way the movement has been politicized.
I believe very strongly that any allegations should be investigated, regardless of party affiliation. But the road goes both ways; at least it should.

And I can’t help but wonder why no one seems to want to answer the question that is so pressing; maybe you have the same question too.
Maybe you’re wondering why the Democratic Party is so hard pressed to demand an investigation for Kavanaugh, while turning a blind eye to their own leader, Keith Ellison.

Maybe you are wondering why there is a double standard for the Democratic Party.

Me too.

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