The Elephant in the Room

2018-08-12T00:40:18+00:00 August 12th, 2018|The struggle is real.|

It was all fun and games. Until it wasn’t. Coffee, lunch, phone calls, text messages. “Beth, how are you doing? Let me know if you need anything.” “Beth, I just wanted to tell you that your tenacity is inspirational.” Oooo this one’s my favorite: “Beth you’re such a great citizen lobbyist.” Mmm hmmm. Blah. Blah. [...]

The Right to Be Equally Offended

2018-05-06T13:18:01+00:00 May 6th, 2018|The struggle is real.|

Since this legislative session began in Minnesota, I have spent over 20 days at the Capitol. What began as a movement to expose the inconsistency, targeting, and straight up bullying by the Department of Human Services towards privately owned child care providers, has turned into something far greater: I am standing up for my right [...]

Blind Sided by a Republican watching Pretty Woman

2017-11-07T20:31:14+00:00 November 7th, 2017|The struggle is real.|

I didn’t see it coming… I was blind-sided… by myself. I had every intention when I got up this morning of spending the morning lounging in my pajamas, drinking coffee and Baileys and then sewing. My husband and I had a few errands to run in town. As I was walking through JoAnn Fabrics, I [...]


2017-09-08T00:22:18+00:00 September 8th, 2017|The struggle is real.|

I was standing on the carpet. The numbers 1 through 10 taped down in a row with blue painter’s tape. To my right were four women, each standing on numbers ranging from 5 to 7. There were only six of us total in the room and one was facilitating. She said she would place her [...]

Eternally 500 Miles Short.

2017-09-05T21:57:53+00:00 September 5th, 2017|It is well with my soul., The struggle is real.|

I was sitting there at the table in Michigan, Huey Lewis and the News playing from Spotify – the song “It’s as Simple as That”. My brother David was on my right, my Dad and my husband Josh on the opposite side of the table. We were in the midst of playing a favorite card [...]

Everyone meet Eileen… She’s a real B.

2017-08-27T01:07:42+00:00 August 27th, 2017|It is well with my soul., The struggle is real.|

I was sitting there in her office. My shoes off, feet folded underneath me as I sat on the couch. A rather large stuffed dog with sad eyes was sitting next to me on my left, just chilling, staring at me. She said something, but I didn’t catch it, so I asked her to repeat [...]

Lessons From the Crash: Lesson 1: “I wish I had worked longer; I was so close to the corner office with the windows” – Said No One on their Deathbed Ever

2017-08-27T01:17:52+00:00 August 18th, 2017|The struggle is real.|

It’s been one week. People keeping asking me “what does it feel like?” and “how are you?”. I don’t know how to them answer. All I know is what it sounds like. I heard screeching tires. I assumed it was some dillweed peeling out. I was talking to my Mom via Bluetooth connection in her [...]