Don’t Matronize Me: Confessions of a Conservative Female Business Owner

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A friend recently suggested a book title I might be interested in. I love to read. I read one if not two books a week; reading is a staple in my day. The content of what I read varies; for awhile I read almost exclusively books regarding early childhood, an area that is important to [...]

Waiting On Why

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It’s a question I hear often throughout my day. The one little word that holds so much potential for a child; yet so much frustration for an adult. The three-letter word that has the potential to either inspire a person to investigate further in wonder or throw their hands up in frustration. “Why”. The sneaky [...]

Late Night Confession – Control

2018-10-15T00:35:46+00:00October 15th, 2018|It is well with my soul.|

It’s 11:06pm on a Sunday night. Which means that I really should be in bed… you know… sleeping. But here I am, on the couch writing because I know myself well enough to know what will happen if I don’t. It will start with the fan. I’ll crank it up to high in an attempt [...]

I Chose

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There are times in life when each of us must choose. Sometimes the choice is between paths that we lead ourselves to; maybe two, maybe three, or maybe more. And sometimes there are paths that are chosen for us; paths, that no matter which we choose, lead to a road that we wish we never [...]

If America was a wedding it’d be that magical time; speak now, or forever hold your peace.

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From thoughts about the signs in my yard, to a local small business owner launching an attack on my character (and then those who stepped in to defend me) based on a blog post of mine where I called out elected officials for their inaction and down-right rude behavior, I’ve heard plenty about my decision [...]

Wondering why there is a double standard? Me too.

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A good percentage of this week’s media coverage has been on Kavanaugh’s character. Rightly, so. The Supreme Court is a lifelong appointment. The Me Too Movement has created a space for those who have experienced unwanted advances or sexual assault to come forward; to feel less alone. I will admit that when I turned on [...]